When we were young, The clock would tick at night and we would excitedly await our favourite bed-time story. It would help us imagine our way across exciting new worlds as we gazed into the starry nights. A dreamer’s world always stands out. It let’s us be our own selves in the day or at night.

At Mystère, we love dreamers. We love mornings where we stretch out in our duvet reluctant to let the sun hit our eyes, wishing we could just curl up with a good book. We are all about those perfect days spent watching a funny movie with friends or strolling in a mall, day-dreaming, looking chic yet comfortable.

We are available on leading online portals and physical stores that are frequently visited by our customers.

Mystère Paris is a fashion brand for the dynamic, multi-faceted woman of today. We create chic sleepwear and loungewear for a woman that is stylish and still wants to be in her comfort zone. Our collections are anchored on researched international trends, and offer a global design sensibility. We love to cater to the big aspirations. We create for all because everyone desires more and dreams big. Therefore, our approachable pricing ensures that the fashion forward customer of today can access Mystère comfortably.