Night time is our time to relax and unwind from the world. We snatch a few minutes of alone time, me time.

What happens to us when we get that moment of escape? When we know that no one is watching us. Something changes. That moment sets us free. Just for that moment we can do what we want, how we want it. We can let out our inner child, embrace the diva within, laugh without a care, and be silly for no reason and not bother about being judged or have people raise their eyebrows. Because, no one is watching.

At Mystere, we understand this. Which is why we make garments that fit the real you. Cartwheel in our comfortable track pants; lounge around in our stylish palazzos, day dream in our cute print pajama sets. Whatever your no one’s watching moment; we have a garment just for you.

Mystere Paris is a fashion brand for the women who embrace their many moods and display each one brilliantly. Our chic sleepwear, lounge wear and maternity wear pivots on style and comfort. Our designs reflect a global design sensibility based on deep research and understanding of the market at affordable prices.

We are available on leading online portals.